Midlife Women Seeking to Achieve a Lean and Toned Body

Calling all midlife women seeking to achieve a lean and toned body!! Is this you and are your frustrated with all your efforts and little results to show for them? I often get asked how it was possible to get a lean and toned body as a midlife woman who has experienced hormone changes, weight gain, midsection fluff, and low energy. The routine I follow to achieve fat loss and muscle gain, while going though perimenopause / menopause, is not extreme. I simply figured out how to work smarter, not harder. I developed sustainable habits, followed the science, learned to be imperfectly consistent, and be kind to myself in the process. And now I want to empower other midlife women to do the same!


Well FIRST, I do not do it alone. I have a solid plan built on scientifically backed strategies and I have an amazing COMMUNITY that supports me! When my clients come to me frustrated that they have been “doing ALL the things,” I often share with them that having the knowledge does not necessarily equal success.  I loved this for decades! The key is to be able to put all of the pieces together (mindset, fitness, and nutrition) in a sustainable, enjoyable, realistic, and effective way.

Tips to Begin Achieving Fat Loss/Muscle Gain in Midlife

Looking to achieve a lean and toned body while in perimenopause / menopause? Here are some top tips to help you reach your goals:

Focus on Macros, Not Just Calories

  • Instead of solely counting calories, consider tracking your macronutrients (macros). Not all calories are created equal, and understanding macros can help fuel your body effectively for reaching your body composition goals. By prioritizing the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, you can support muscle growth, increase energy levels, and burn fat more efficiently.

Prioritize Protein Intake

  • Protein is essential for muscle growth and maintenance, as well as for keeping you feeling full and satisfied. Therefore, aim to consume around 0.8-1 gram of protein per pound of your ideal body weight, adjusting based on your individual needs, goals, and age.

Incorporate Strength Training

  • Building muscle is key to achieving a lean and toned physique. Incorporating strength training into your routine three times a week can help you build and maintain muscle mass, leading to increased fat burning and a more defined physique. If you are new to strength training, begin with body weight only exercises. There are many ideas on my Instagram page for free! https://www.instagram.com/@drkgravinowellness

Stay Consistent

  • Consistency is crucial for seeing results. While perfection is not necessary, consistently showing up and putting in the effort will help you progress towards your goals. Embrace the concept of “imperfectly consistent” and prioritize taking action regularly, even on days when you do not feel motivated.

Practice Patience

  • Transforming your body takes time, so be patient with yourself and trust the process. Specifically, stay clear of a short-term results mindset and work to adopt a long-term one on overall health; the rest falls into place on its own! By committing to a healthy lifestyle and consistent effort over time, you will build sustainable habits that lead to lasting success and wellness.

Enjoy the Journey

  • Find joy in the process of becoming the strongest and healthiest version of yourself. Your nutrition and fitness plan should be enjoyable and sustainable, allowing for flexibility and balance in your life. If you are struggling to find a plan that aligns with your preferences and goals, consider seeking support from a coaching group that can provide guidance and accountability along the way.

Lastly, remember that achieving your desired physique is not just about reaching a destination—it is about embracing a lifestyle that supports your overall health and well-being.

If you’d like help becoming the strongest and healthiest version of yourself, grab a spot in my next coaching group where I teach you the mindset, macros, and movement strategies I use to stay fit and lean in my own midlife journey!

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