Is my 6 week integrative health program right for you?

My 6 week course is for YOU if…

→ you are feeling desperate

→ you are looking to jumpstart your health & wellness journey

→ you have tried everything else & THEN some!

→ you recognize you have an unhealthy relationship with food

→ your mindset around your body image is unhealthy & needs improvement

→ you feel like you are working SO hard and not seeing physical results

→ you seem to be exercising more & eating less & less

→ you find yourself feeling tired, frustrated, & HANGRY

Core Principles of the FASTer Way

Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting entails an eating schedule that focuses less on calorie restriction and more on providing your body with the necessary elements for nourishment, healing, and self-repair. While it can aid in weight loss, its benefits extend beyond that. Scientific studies indicate that incorporating periods of digestive rest through intermittent fasting can effectively lower the likelihood of chronic illnesses and contribute to an enhanced lifespan.

Carb Cycling

For years, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have harnessed the power of carb cycling as a strategy to shed fat and achieve a more defined physique. You’ve likely come across discussions about the advantages of adopting a lower-carb lifestyle. However, if you’ve ever attempted a ketogenic diet only to find yourself daydreaming about bread within a matter of days, then the appeal of carb cycling, a beloved approach within the FASTer Way community, becomes quite clear.

Carb cycling involves a deliberate manipulation of your carbohydrate intake, tapping into the body’s inherent fat-burning mechanisms. When executed correctly, this approach can lead to a trimmer physique while simultaneously boosting your energy levels. The beauty of carb cycling lies in its flexibility. And perhaps the most appealing aspect is the freedom it provides, allowing you to evade the feelings of restraint and deprivation that often accompany restrictive diets. As I mentioned earlier, this method holds a special place here, and now you understand why – it’s all about embracing food freedom & forming a healthy relationship with ALL foods!!

Short-Effective Exercise

In our fast-paced lives, the perpetual sense of busyness is undeniable. It’s a recurring theme that my clients express – a growing sensation of stress and time constraints. The prospect of dedicating extra hours to the gym can feel utterly daunting. Fortunately, the realm of science offers a reassuring revelation: the pursuit of a strong, lean, and healthy body doesn’t demand endless hours of gym time!

Enter the FASTer Way – a fitness program meticulously crafted by Master Personal Trainers with a singular goal: maximizing your outcomes. Even those who have engaged in years of exercise without substantial progress often experience a breakthrough through our innovative fusion of HIIT and Strength Training. The remarkable aspect is that these transformative workouts take merely 30 minutes or less each day, granting you the ability to cultivate workout consistency. And as we all recognize, it’s this very consistency that paves the way for tangible results to emerge!

Accountability & Support

A distinctive aspect that sets the FASTer Way apart is our vibrant & supportive CommUNITY! From the initial New Client 6 Week Experience to the intimate VIP Coaching small groups, you find yourself immersed in a circle of kindred spirits who share the common goal of holistic well-being and disease prevention. Through daily posts fostering accountability, engaging challenges, and unwavering support, this community becomes your steadfast companion, ensuring you remain resolute on your journey of self-improvement!

If you are ready to take control of your health, it’s time for you to try The FASTer Way core principles for yourself. Click the button below to start your own transformation.

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